Friday, May 12, 2006

Asalamalaikum warahmatullah...

Hope you are in the best of health and iman inshallah.

I have been feeling the need to create my own blog of worth, inshallah, i will try. A blog of beautiful quotes, of powerful ayahs, of meaningful hadith. A blog with lessons, with poems and ultimately with pearls of our glorious deen, Islam.

Of course, these pearls are not always easy to understand, to grasp, to accept. So first and foremost it is a series of reminders for myself, which sometimes may be put under dust and forgotten, especially in this western fast paced life we lead..but time over these pearls are the ones that purify us, the ones that will matter...and then i hope that whoever reads it, wherever they may be, something on this blog, even if it is one word, may be of use to them inshallah ta'allah.



Anonymous shaheda said...

good luck on your new blog!

and i can comment now. yay!!

12:28 PM  

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