Monday, November 16, 2009

10 things that wipe out 10 other things

1. Righteousness wipes out evil deeds
2. Pride wipes out knowledge
3. Repentance wipes out sin
4. Lying wipes out livlihood
5. Justice wipes out oppression
6. Grief wipes out life span
7. Charity wipes out calamity
8. Anger wipes out intellect
9. Haughtiness wipes out generosity
10. Backbiting wipes out good deeds

Subhannallah. That above was a real under cover pearl for me. The above I copied from a poster in my room, a poster that was there when I moved into my room, aged 10, and when my older brother probably had the room before me. It was just always there, on the wall, not really paid attention to, as it made up the fabric of my room. When I was young, I never really understood half the words either, so didnt really read it properly. It was only when changing my room lay out when I was a little older that I paid real attention to it. And year by year, as experiences of life increase, each of the ten things make more sense, not just in theory, but in practice. And now, I am forced to pay real attention it it. Subhannallah.

I like how not only does the list warn you to keep away from certain traits if you want to succeed, but also grants you hope through positive characteristics, which if applied will bring benefit. Ahh, mothers and their subtle ways of teaching the good and warning against the evil!

Under cover pearls indeed.

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Anonymous sis said...

subhanaallah what a lovely post..mashaallah. Lovely reminder.

11:34 AM  

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