Thursday, November 25, 2010

Take Care of Today

"The beautiful day is the day on which we have control of our affairs and our affairs do not control us. It is the day on which we control our desires and we are not controlled by them like slaves.

Some of these days I can remember an will never forget.

Every day on which I managed to save myself from the vicious cycle of worrying about what I can and cannot do in this wonderful day.

How wonderful is the day on which I was hesitating whether to do a deed for which people would praise me or a deed for which no one would praise me, and no one would know about it, so i forsook the praise of people and was content to do an action which I will remember for as long as I live, but which no one will hear about.

How wonderful is the day on which I felt my pockets were filling with money but my conscience was devoid of dignity, so i decided that I would rather be penniless and have a clear conscience.

These days are wonderful, and the most wonderful thing about them is that my worldly gain on these days is very small, but the fact that I gained self respect from my actions far outweighs that and what I gained on such days is great, praise be to Allah, The Exalted, The Merciful. "

-Extract from my favourite book, the oft quoted book on this site, "You Can be the Happiest Woman In The World", Dr A'id Al Qarni


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