Wednesday, January 04, 2012


...Except for those who believe in Allah's Immense Karam.

Ok, so perhaps there are more unbelievable stories out there, but when one such beautiful moment touches oneself, how can one not Praise The Lord of The World, through Whom all motions are commanded and nothing becomes but through His Saying "Be" and it is.

The moment I am talking about is very simple. But there is beauty in simple things:

Meeting someone at the exact moment after thinking about them.

It happens often. I'm sure it's happened to all.

As simple as that is, thoughts work fast alhamdulilah and each action builds momentum towards the next. Thinking about spending the afternoon with someone, when in probability terms it wouldn't be likely. Turning around, only to see them driving past. Them seeing you, only because you turned around. What's in a moment? Everything! Subhannallah. Allah answers prayers that we don't even realise we make! One naat rings in my ears "Iss Karam Kaa Karoon, Shukr keseh adhah" - apologies for any mis-spelling, though its the sentiments carried within!

Subhannallah. His Mercy is actually so Substantial and so Manifest and so Great and so Generous that it would be unbelieveable (in the "woahhhhh no way man" kinda way) except for those who believe.

It could have been my sudden compelled action-that I turned around and her car passed at that moment that joined us, it could have been my thoughts, intrisic duas that I didn't know I made that joined us. But neither of the two are worthy I don't think. I guess its the duas of my mother yearning to see her daughter, that Allah Answered.
The Rasool.



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