Sunday, December 22, 2013

Passing of a man blessed with secrets

"It is with profound sadness that I share the news of the passing away  of Shaykh Agha Sa'id Adam, the custodian of the Prophetic Shrine and khadim of the Rawdah Sharifah, who was this morning laid to rest in the cemetery of al-Baqi" in Madinah. A man of secrets and illuminations who lived a paradisiacal life distant from this world as h...e spent more than half a century holding the key to the Prophetic Presence and twice a week entering it and, not cleaning as assumed, but rubbing his hands on the most purest of surroundings. Born on 27/02/1922 and died on the interesting date of 11/12/13, Shaykh Adam witnessed what the world has no real idea about. I had the unique opportunity of meeting him and he blessed me by firmly grasping my sinful hands as he spoke to me in a voice of sincerity and certainty. Among the many brief thoughts he shared with me, one was his statement, "Those outside have no sense of what is inside."

I asked, "Can you describe to me the inside?" "No, I cannot." He said. I rudely asked, "Is that because you will not or because you cannot?" His response was given with eyes down, "I walk in with my head down and eyes on the floor due to the sheer majesty of the inside, I dare not look up. I wipe my hands over the blessed grave and whatever touches my hand, I place on my eyes." One of his associates in the room then spoke out, "When Shaykh Adam walks in, on many occasions, his greeting is responded to with a voice from within." Another said, "On one occasion, as he walked in, a voice said, "How are you, O my Sa'id?" And Shaykh Adam fell to the floor and sat crying for a long time." These statements were made as Shaykh Adam looked down with tearful eyes. There was a lot more shared and I am grateful to Allah for this experience. Shaykh Adam spoke to me with great precision and his glance was filled with power and sharp focus."



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