Friday, June 30, 2006

Those who know the treatment...are those who know the roots

"A tree may be so great, give fruit to generations, shade to many, but it only takes a a couple of men to axe it down.
But the tree, the roots, its still there. It just needs the ulema and and ummah to water and nurture it.
Those who are looking at the tree, passers by, will not know (( current day fatwa makers etc )), unlike the gardeners, who have been taught the ways and have been there since early on (( the ulema)).

The Ulema, the chain right back to the Prophet (saws) is the rope that brings the water from the well.

The Munafiq is afraid. He is terrorised.
The believer is not afraid, he doesnt worry, nor grieve nor is he terrified.

The believers dont lash out, like an unurtured child in the plaground.

The real threat of the ummah comes from within, this rage is now becoming a global epedemic. This practice is ugly, and Allah is Jameel.

He is the most Beautiful and He loves beauty. "

Abdul Hakim Murad

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Loving the new blog anjum. :flower:

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Very nice blog sister. Keep up he good work.

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