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From Protest to Engagement [Shaykh Ali Gomaa]

So here is part 3, and sorry for taking time, but its just about digesting one peice of the beautiful pie at a time, rather than stuffing it, ya know.
So alhamdulilah, it is now being shown on Islam Channel aswell, May Allah reward them for their efforts. Inshallah you can check for more info. And i think its also going to be online soon for more info on that and other events.

On the wonderful evening that was Saturday 24th February, up third spoke Shaykh Ali Gomaa, the grand Mufti of Egypt. I hadn't heard him speak before, but mashallah, i was truely enlightened by his talk and the focus to our Beloved Rasool [saws]. It really got one to think of the example set by our Rasool, and where as an ummah, as individuals too, we are going.

[[Sheikh Ali Gomaa is the Grand Mufti of Egypt. He is considered to be one of the most respected and qualified traditional Islamic scholars alive. He specializes in the science of the foundations of Islamic Law, following the Shaf'i school of Islamic juruspudence.
Shaikh Ali Gomaa is also the khateeb
(the Orator) of the Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo and has authored around two dozen books on various highly specialized and complex subjects of Islam. He is the Editor of the Encyclopaedia of Hadith, a sub-project of the greater Sunnah Project of the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation, which aims at documenting and publishing all works related to Prophetic narrations or Hadith.]]

Shaykh Ali Gomaa

We should think how we relate to the life of Muhammad (saws)

The Seerah needs to be read in a new way, so we can learn to live like the Prophet (saws) in our daily lives -> if we do this then all the real problems will disappear, and we will be left the truth of the message.

The solution to the present problems we are facing is to remain patient.

The problems have been created by us though, through living far from the message brought by the Prophet (saws).

We think we are doing good works, but in reality we are doing harm [this one hit hard!]

The way we can focus is through following the example of the Prophet [saws]. How should we read and live the seerah? We need to examine our lives.

What do we want from our lives? Do we want the Prophet (saws) as our example-or someone else? we need to ask ourselves this.

His entire life, from begining to end, is a guidance for us.

At one time, he was not known as a Muslim. At another time, he was the head of the Muslims.

He lived in all kinds of situations. -he was a lone bachelor -a married man -a father/family man -a trader -a judge -a leader of the army- -a teacher. He knew how to behave in the best of ways, in all possibilities.

[ the shaykh then went into detail about how he was with children and the mercy he showed -the best of mercy he exemplified when dealing with children]

We can be like the Prophet in any situation we are in and learn from his great example.

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ive finallay finished my notes though i ddnt write any on this shaykhs talk so thnks!

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Inshallah if i could just irfan, these are all just notes which i have merely written up, its the speakers and shayukh who are the amazing ones, not [aoothobillah] me! .. May Allah continue to guide and protect us all, Ameen.

Salam Usma, inshallah i will link your notes Jazakallah again :)

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