Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Learn from Prophet Ayyub

Learn from the story of Prophet Ayyub, peace be upon him.

He faced trials, yet remained faithful. He faced tribulation, yet did not doubt His Lord. He faced tests upon tests, yet kept focused. He was sincere in love, sincere in patience and sincere in worship.

His wealth was taken. His children were taken. His health was taken. His support system taken.
And we have the audacity to complain about our situations. We must learn from the story of Ayyub alaihisalam.

It was Shaytaan who was jealous of Prophet Ayyub's devotion to his Lord. Shaytaan who thought he would flinch in the face of trials. And Shaytaan it was who sought to destroy him. But sincerity cannot be so easily destroyed. May Allah protect us, protect our faith and grant us sincerity.

Gather strength from the story of the trials of Ayyub. Gather courage from the stories of the Prophets. Gather love in your heart for them, and in the hereafter you will surely be with those you love.

(And who knows, Oh self, these moments may be the sweetest in disguise. A cleansing for us, though we know not, for we only see the apparent, while there is much work happening in the unseen world! And remember how we are advised that although we may not want something, it is good for us! Subhannallah. Appreciate the moments you are in and give thanks for giving thanks is a blessing and have trust in Him who Created you from dust!)

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