Saturday, March 31, 2007

Protest to Engagement [sidi suhaib webb]

Allah says "and thus we have made you a moderate ummah"

This moderation is the moderation which has been ordained by Allah

The need for scholarship os moving on balance

The gift that we have as muslims is la illaha illallah -how much do we appreciate it?

We should look at the past and look at the future-but most importatnly we should look at ourselves

We need to both escape and protect the differences=none of us will go to jannah unless we love each other

We need to ask ourselves, what is the goal of islam, what does islam ask of us?

The goal of shariah is to bring benefit to the servents of Allah and prevent harm.

We need to ask what khayr [goodness] can we bring to the british society..what is waiting to be releaser from us?

Dont allow the dark clouds of hate to block out the noor [light] of the message!!!

[Subhannallah, Sidi Suhaibs talk had to be one of the most inspiring. He was able to talk about traditional islam, bringing in his own personal experiences, some contemporary examples as well as humour to the audience...again i am extremely sorry for my inability to do justice to his talk. ]

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