Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shaykh Bin Bayyah and Hamza Yusuf


Apologies on two accounts, the delay and lack again of articulacy in the notes..i didnt manage to catch the whole of Shaykh Bin Bayyah's talk :(. Here is a short clip to make up for it though, and the few notes i made..May Allah forgive me for my mistakes.

For more info and the official recordings, check out


How do we become part of the solution?

There was a time when Islam wasnt in the headlines and the Islamic World was quiet. The question which is important is how do we address the problem.

Some say we should boycott and cut away from it all and some say we need a war.

However the only way to address the condition is with superior values. Repell wrong with right.

The shaykh began with the hadith of the Prophet (saw) where he (saw) gave the analogy of the people on the ship. There are the 'posh' passengers on the top and the not so well off ones at the bottom. The poorer passengers want water. They don’t want to bother the posher people and ask them for help, so they start drilling a hole at the bottom of the ship to get some water. They think they’re doing everyone a favour by not bothering the other- thinking that what they are doing is correct.
But if the poeple on the top dont help those on the bottom and leave them to drill the hole in the boat, they all drown.

We are living in a time when we are on a sinking ship. We should help those drilling the hole and refrai from it taking us all down.
There are two types of people in the world:
1) those drilling the hole in the ship and
2) and those who need to stop those fools drilling the hole; restrain their foolishness and save all of us

Another question is how we should constrain the fools > we are infected by those who dont have true knowledge. We are not reponsible for others crimes. "No soul shall bear the burden of another soul"


In the diversity Allah has created, there is beauty.

Tolerece does not come out of a vaccume, it comes from intellegence. We have to use the means we have been given.

We should not become perturbed by the opposition, because thats the nature of doing good.

Allah has given us the answers to a lot of the atrocities by the verse that tells us to return bad actions against us with the good and the right. But only those with patience will be successful in this. These are Quranic principles which need to be followed.

The human condition is filled with dark realities- but we shouldnt just sit and despair- we should seek the dawn and the light. DONT DESPAIR of the mercy of Allah.

What we share together is much greater than that which seperates us.

There shouldnt be any conflict in being British and Muslim. These arnt mututally exclusive things.

Ihsan transcends justice. Justice is unbiased. Ihsan is when you care about them and when you want to give them more than they deserve..and you love them.

The Quran is the way to Ihsam.

Have consciousness of Allah wherever you are.

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