Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Accepted Repentence

A man once went to Rabi'ah bint Ismail Al Adawiyyah, who was also known by the titles 'Mother of Goodness' and 'The Famous Worshipper'. He said, "Indeed, I have perpetrated a great number of sins. If i repent, do you think that Allah will accept my repentence?" She said, "Woe unto you" Do you not see that He invites those who turn away from Him;then why wouldn't He accept the repentence of those who turn towards Him?"
What she said is indeed true, for Allah is happy when we submit to Him and hasten back to Him, repentent for our sins. To worship Him is the purpose for which we were created. Glad tidings, to he who knows his purpose and puts what he knows into practice

Taken from the book 'Stories of Repentence', compiled by Muhammad Abduh Mughawiri

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