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The Blessed Bith [milad un Nabi pt 3]

I realise im a lil late with this...but its so beautiful... subhannallah... that time does not bear any significance on when to blog this breathtaking description of our Beloved's birth.

"It was in the forenoon of a Monday that our Master, the noble Messenger, was born. His migration from Mecca, his arrival in Medina, his final revelation, his ascension ad the conquest of Mecca, all happened on a Monday. It was on a Monday also that he left to honor the world of eternity.

The birth of our Master, the noble Messenger, occurred on the forenoon of Monday, 12th of Rabī'u-l'Awwal, which coincided with the 20th or 21st of April. That is why April rains have always been blessed, refreshing and a cause of prosperity. On the eve of our Master's birth, the Ka'ba split in two. The Quraysh were terrified by this occurrence and offered many explanations of it. Some of them suggested that it was due to the fact that the venerable Āmina's father had gone to the eternal world that night. For Wahb ibn 'Abd Manāf, the maternal grandfather of the venerable Messenger, was a revered figure among the Arabs. News of his death was spreading in Mecca on the eve of the Prophet's birth.

While Quraysh were involved in these discussions, they heard a voice from inside the Ka'ba saying: "O tribe of Quraysh, the Ka'ba has not been made the cause of anyone's death. However, Muhammad ibn 'Abdullāh, the light of this world, the glory of the Hereafter, the lamp of Paradise, is about to emerge from his mother's womb. He is a most noble Messenger who will cleanse the Ka'ba, which the polytheists have polluted with their idols, false gods and blasphemous transgressions. Cleansing it of their errors and abuses, he will restore my beauty to its former radiance and fill me with the light of faith. He will make me the direction towards which men turn in prayer and his community will come from distant places to make annual pilgrimages to me, the Ka'ba." Thus, the Ka'ba itself spoke to the Quraysh who heard its voice say: "There is the honor on account of which I split in two."
On the eve of our Master's birth, Allah gave this command to His angels: "On the Morning when My beloved is born, you are to open all the gates of heaven, make Paradise beautiful, open all levels of Paradise and the gates of its eight gardens!"

That day the sun shone brighter than on other days. Its brilliant radiance lit up the entire world so that all the people on earth might rejoice in the awareness of the noble coming of the Primal Light, the venerable Muhammad Mustafā.

The venerable Āmina says: "I was about to give birth to give birth to my Muhammad. There was no one with me, neither man nor woman. My father-in-law, 'Abd al-Muttalib, had gone to circumambulate the Ka'ba. Something strange and fearful appeared to me. I heard a voice and was afraid, then a white bird appeared and stroked my breast. My fear departed from me. I felt no trace of pain, grief, discomfort or fear. I was given a cup of white sherbet. When I drank that sherbet my heart was filled with a splendid radiance. I had attained a blissful happiness. Then I saw a group of girls, tall willowy and extremely beautiful, who were strangers to Mecca. They were not the daughters of 'Abd Manāf, although they did resemble them. They surrounded me and as I was thinking to myself, 'there was no one in the house, where can these beings have come from,' one of them said to me: 'I am Eve, wife of the venerable Adam'; another smiled as she said: 'I am Sarah, the venerable Abraham's wife'; a third also smiled as she said: 'I am Mary, mother of the venerable Jesus'; a fourth said affectionately, 'I am Pharaoh's wife, Āsiya, who believed in the venerable Moses. The rest are houries of Paradise.' They said: 'We have come to offer our respect and praise to the noble Prophet who is about to appear.' With every moment the noise and commotion became greater and more intense, yet all fear had left me. A white silk curtain was lowered from Heaven to earth. This mighty curtain veiled me from the jinn. Birds came in flocks; their beaks were of green emerald and their wings rubies. They approached me until their beaks and wings touched my breast. It was as if they were kissing me. Then they circled around me. The Exalted One raised the veil from my eyes and showed me the whole universe. I saw the entire world, east and west. They brought three noble banners, planting one of them in the east, one in the west and the third upon the Ka'ba. I saw men in heaven. They moved through space carrying bejeweled bowls and jugs and golden vessels. At that moment, my Muhammad was easily and painlessly born. [Allah bless our Master Muhammad and Muhammad's family and companions, and give them peace.] I looked and saw that his eyes were anointed with collyrium, that his umbilical cord was cut and that he was already circumcised. Wrapped in a white shawl, he place his blessed head to the ground in prostration, raised his index finger of his blessed right hand and offered a prayer of supplication to God, Glorious and Exalted is He."

- Irshad, Wisdom of a Sufi Master; Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak al-Jerrahi

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