Thursday, April 19, 2007

Natural Islam

" .. Being close to nature, respecting what it is, and observing and meditating on what it shows us, offers us, or takes [back] from us requirements of a faith that, in its quest, attempts to feed, deepen and renew itself. Nature is the primary guide and intimate companion of faith. Thus, God decided to expose His Prophet, from his earliest childhood, to the natural lessons of creation, concieved as a school where the mind gradually apprehends signs and meanings. Far removed from the formalism of soulless religious rituals, this sort of education, in and through its closeness to nature, fosters a relationship to the divine based on contemplation adn depth that will later make it possible, in a second phase of spiritual education, to understand the meaning, form and objectives of religious ritual. Cut of from nature in our towns and cities, we nowadays seem to have forgotten the meaning of this message to such an extent that we dangerously invert the order of requirements and believe that leaning about the techniques and forms of religion is sufficient to grasp and understand their meaning and objectives, This delusion has serious consequences, since it leads to draininng religious teaching if its spiritual substance, which actually ought to be its heart. . . "

The Messenger
The Meanings of the Life of Muhammad
Tariq Ramadhan

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Anonymous Adnan said...

Sallams sis. Good to see you in the bloggin world :). Hey man do u study AS/A LEVEL politics? I do. Me loves it! Anyway if you don't know me, i'm Adnan from DeenPort. I like ya blog. Keep up the good work and May Allah reward you, Ameen. Wassallams.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous under*cover*sister said...

Wasalamalaikum akhi
Hope you are in the best of health and haal..
Jazakallah khayr for the comments

yes i take A level politics, and mashallah its a great subject- good to see you also enjoy it! The political world is in need of more rational practicing muslim politicians!

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Adnan said...

Lol you are right. Insha Allah you get the grades you want in your exams. Maaan i am dreading mine.

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Dreamlife said...


I started reading that book recently, and love the way he sets out the Prophet's (S.a.w) life before Prophethood - especially his childhood and growing up.

Reminds a person how all the events of their life mean something - how they advance towards your destiny.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Miss jane said...


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