Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Path of Worshipful Servants

 ".....You must realise, Oh my brethren (may God favour you and me with His Good Pleasure), that worshipful service [ibada] is the fruit of knowledge ['ilm], the benefit of life ['umr], the income of strong servants, the stock in trade of the saints [awliyah], the path of the truly devout, the allotted portion of the mighty, the goal of those endowed with aspiration, the emblem of the noble, the vocation of real men and the choice of those with faculties of vision. It is the way of good fortune and the path [minhaj] of the Garden of Paradise. God has told us; "And I am your Lord, So Worship Me" (21:92).  He has also said" "Behold: this is a reward for you. And I am your Lord, so worship Me" (76:22)

The path of worshipful service is indeed a rugged path and a hard road, fraught with many obstacles, serious hardships, remote distances, enormous difficulties, frequent hindrances and impediments. It is beset with deadly perils and interruptions. This is exactly how it needs to be, since it is the path of the Garden of Paradise and this represents a confirmation of the saying of The Prophet (peace be upon him),  "The Garden of Paradise is indeed surrounded by things that are repugnant [makarih], while the Fire of Hell is surrounded by objects of lustful desire [shahawat]". He (peace be upon him) also said, "The Garden of Paradise is indeed a rugged ground on a hill, while the Fire of Hell is indeed a smooth ground in a sequestered courtyard."

Then in addition to al of that, the servant [of the Lord] is weak, the time is difficult and religious commitment is subject retrogression....."

~Al Ghazali - The Path Of The Righteous Servants - To the Garden of the Lord of the Worlds
Translated by Muhtar Holland

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Anonymous Tim said...

Salmutations. Melodious words automatically play when I visit your blog. I don't know what they are or what they mean, but they are very beautiful all the same. Thank you.

10:21 PM  
Blogger *Under*Cover*Sister* said...

Wasalamutations. You're welcome, though I had no part in creating these melodious tones!
And in actuality, its you I must thank - you made me research the meaning, after having listened to this song and had it on this site for the last 6 years, I didn't know the meaning either... subhannallah the meaning! What a meaning!

Mawla Ya Qadna Namat'uyon
"My Lord the eyes (of men) have slept, while some have stayen´╗┐ awake (performing night prayer)".

O Lord some eyes slept and some also woke up
the eyes of the sinners have slept and You Lord never sleep
(these 2 sentences are repeated alot in the nasheed)

their eyes (the sincere ones) run to Him forgetting the deluding duniya
is it that theyre amazed by the Glory of Allah or by all that time that had passed

or is it that those who are walking on earth don't hear or understand
woe O myself, haven't you seen yourself walking in the chuckles (of sins)

10:02 PM  

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