Saturday, March 31, 2007

From Protest to Engagement [ Habib Ali ]

"And We wished to showe benefit on those who had been subjugated"

The fruit of the end of tyranny is not in the hand of the tyrant, nor of the one who is tyrannised.
The oppressor can beat you, deprive you, deny you of your rights, but he can never take your faith and belief in Allah from you!!


why have patience?

If one has certainty with the sight of God, the fruit of patience is that you be made as an example for other people

If we are at a stage when calling for moderation is an insult-then we have gone so so far away from the true faith-when we are being asked to come back.

"Truley i came exclusively to perfect good character"
The Prophet (saws) came with the best of character > and the call to Allah can only be done with the best character.

Part of this faith is engagement

If the tables were turned and we were in comfort and we did not present the message in the best way, we would be solely answerable to Allah.

This is our faith... and how wwe deal with everything and everyone is part of that

We should leave feeling we have carried a good tiding from Allah -brought from the Prophet (saws)

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