Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Litany of the Sea at Mid-afternoon

I recieved this poem in an email, and subhannallah, it brought such a smile to my face. Although it describes the reading of HizbulBahr at the old Zawiya, i have found many sentiments still remain in the new and bigger zawiya. Subhannallah. Hayy Al Kharabsheh <3 . Mashallah

The Litany of the Sea at Mid-afternoon

A poem describing the group recital of Hizb al-Bahr in the old Zawaiya in
Kharabsheh, Amman 2004:

After completing the congregational prayer of Asr I
Stroll gently down the sandy path that leads to the Zawiya.

Sat comfortably against the simple firash I survey the modest room and
marvel at the aura of timelessness so evidently present.
The brethren convene around the room
Then, we commence. Al Hizb al-Bahr.

Tongues light but moist with the inspired words of Sheikh Abul Hasan;
A heavenly breeze fills the sacred space amongst us;
Angels amass, happy to find a worthy resting place
After much celestial roaming.
'And subject us to the sea' . indeed we were drowning in
Peace and calm and contentment.

After closing this tuneful ode, this Fatiha of ahzab, this most powerful of
we finished with Durud and Quran before sitting a while to absorb

No rush. Relax and take your time, and when ready
Leave the court of lovers with due courtesy.

The beautiful journey home starts with a welcome from the
luxuriant golden sunlight caressing your clothes.
Down the stepped, grassy trail between the house
and left onto the familiar hill which rolls you to the shops.
That fine cream Jordanian stone fills every structure around you -
a humble look to a prophetic nation.
Body, mind and spirit all warmed to a mellow balm,
All the stresses of the day are gone and one may
Simply merge into the Present.