Sunday, November 29, 2009

The only certainty of life. Death.

In an authentic Hadith reported by Ibn Majah, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “In the past I have forbidden you from visiting graves, but now you may do so, for it might remind you of the next world.”

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hajj- The month when the city glows

Labayk Allah, Huma Labayk.
It's a journey for Allah that I wanna make.

Bound to the sound when the Hajjis go round,
In the place where we face they put their heads to the ground.
Bowin' in submission with conviction of steel.
It's a feeling of peace, I someday hope I can feel

When the month it comes around, its called the month Dhul-Hij
People come from every place on this planet to do it.
It's the Hajj, is a journey to the house of Allah
Where over two million different people come from near and from far...

By car, and by boat and by plane and by the camel
Some brothers even do it by foot just with a sandal.
But when they arrive and then city just glows.
You'll understand the reasoning why everyone goes

Seeking forgiveness from Allah, in every step that they take
Here I am for my creator, Yah they cry out labayk

Yo! I'm looking forward to the trip ta Hajj!
Going' to Mecca and Madina with the entourage"
Yo! I'm looking forward to the trip ta Haj!
Comin' back like as a haji like Malik al Shabaz.

From Madinah to Musdelifa, sights that you never saw,
Best of all the trips ain't nothing less that I will settle for
Dawn of lhram, where we all put on white,
Putting on the sheets so that we all look alike

Doing tawaf around the Qaba kissin' the black stone if you can,
But you haven't done nothing till you've done Zam-Zam
Gettin' on that bus so you can get to Ararat,
Getting all those pebbles used to stone the Jamarat.

Pacing back and forth between the Saffa and the Marwah
Commemorating what was done for Ishmael by Hagar
Sacrifice a lamb then go ahead and shave your held
Joining in the feasting after all the prayers are said.

Now nothing beats this trip not even Taj Mahal
Cause there's Africans, Indonesians from Egypt and all,
I'm looking forward to this trip I someday hope I can make
Here I am for my creator and when I cry out Labayk !!

Monday, November 16, 2009

10 things that wipe out 10 other things

1. Righteousness wipes out evil deeds
2. Pride wipes out knowledge
3. Repentance wipes out sin
4. Lying wipes out livlihood
5. Justice wipes out oppression
6. Grief wipes out life span
7. Charity wipes out calamity
8. Anger wipes out intellect
9. Haughtiness wipes out generosity
10. Backbiting wipes out good deeds

Subhannallah. That above was a real under cover pearl for me. The above I copied from a poster in my room, a poster that was there when I moved into my room, aged 10, and when my older brother probably had the room before me. It was just always there, on the wall, not really paid attention to, as it made up the fabric of my room. When I was young, I never really understood half the words either, so didnt really read it properly. It was only when changing my room lay out when I was a little older that I paid real attention to it. And year by year, as experiences of life increase, each of the ten things make more sense, not just in theory, but in practice. And now, I am forced to pay real attention it it. Subhannallah.

I like how not only does the list warn you to keep away from certain traits if you want to succeed, but also grants you hope through positive characteristics, which if applied will bring benefit. Ahh, mothers and their subtle ways of teaching the good and warning against the evil!

Under cover pearls indeed.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

'Revolution of the hearts'


Below are some notes taken of Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murads timely reminder about charity and change. He gave the short talk at the Shaam Tour for Orphans, these are a few notes from the London event at Friends House.

"All fasaad is to do the the corosion of the soul. Allah has created all creation to obey Him, except human beings (free will). They are capable of being the highest of all creatures or the lowest, both physically and spiritually. This is the paradox of humans. It is part of the greatness and the tragedy of the human.

If we look at 'doing good', it is overwhelmingly done individually or by organisations. But people who are such are people whose religion is upbeat and whose hearts affect others. They have been brought up to a high decree. "Allah has slaves singled out for discharging the worries of others". This is why out civilisation is distinguished from others.

The Ulema, when they are with those who can help the needy, they are upbeat, with good news, so they give happily to the needy, not because of (feeling pressured from) guilt, as is used by many christians.

Corruption on the earth is not new, but exassperated. The solution must be a classical one --> the restoration of the quality of peoples souls --> so they are refuges for the poor, the widows, the orphans.

The real revolution that is required in this day and age is the illumination of hearts.

The Ummah has tremendous resources, but equal poverty. The solution, is through living holy lives. We need to tuen within, create a revolution within and then Allah will do great things.

There is a culture of blame among us. Rather than pointing the finger of blame on other people, organisation, sects, we have to point the finger of blames at ourselves. "Allah will not change the condition of people until they change themselves".

The revolution required is the revolution of the hearts.

Rather than always talking about guilt factors and sins, seeing beauty in the deen and Allahs attribute of being Arhamurahimeen, are qualities that melt the heart."

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