Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Royal Love

Today I am thankful to Allah for making me British, because today the Diamond Jubilee celebrations have strengthened my conviction in the deen and love of the Rasool, walhamdulilah. How? Why? What? Yes.

I wasn’t too fussed about most of the hoo-haa surrounding the Jubilee weekend, but took a break from studying just as the final celebrations were being held. I caught the Queen coming on the balcony, with the heirs to her throne, as the soldiers led her praise and the hundreds of thousands who had gathered at Buckingham and Pall Mall sang with love and cheer the British National Anthem. Ahh the British National Anthem is a good as they get. Millions of people singing ‘God Save the Queen’, probably with some Ameens thrown in, and the Queen indeed does ‘long reign over us’ - God is All Listening after all!! It was something fascinating to see how much effort had gone towards this one person, in praising her.

Fascinating indeed to witness the amount of adoration her subjects have for her, and I mean seriously great love, to stand in the rain, amongst thousands of others, just for a glimpse of her smile, subhannallah, thats dedication and love to a public figure. This is a lady who is the head of a household of, according to the British atleast, noble lineage. Born into that family of ‘pure blood’, who has taken and held the role of Queen for 60 years, serving the commonwealth countries and charitable causes. A job which does take effort no doubt. She does appear to be a lady of dignity and I have respect for that. Alhamdulilah, that it is through seeing this and understanding this, I have increased in love for the king of the world. Our Habib. Habibullah!  For if this all that effort had gone for a Queen of a country, how incumbent is it on us to showcase with full belief our love for the best of mankind?

I mean, the national anthem is only ever sung for a current king/queen. And by people of the said country/nation. On specific occasions. Sung with love no doubt , people make Dua in effect, that God Blesses her. Then imagine the power and effect of salawat. Recited by people of all colour, nations and tribes. All united by a faith. All for the Final Messenger of God, the most perfect of humans. Recited not only on specific days, but every day, hundreds of times a day, throughout the world. And continually recited though he is no longer physically present. Imagine, the power of salawats! Thinking of the beauty of the Islamic Anthem of Praise for him of pure blood, him who held the most noble of lineages, what is even more astounding is how, each and every sender of peace to him, themselves is rewarded, not just in this life, but in the next life of eternity!!! Ya Rab Al ‘Alameen. This is love. 

And he, Rasoolullah, was not one who carried the message through wealth, ease and luxury. On being asked to choose whether he wanted ease and luxury, or simplicity, he himself, peace be upon him, chose the simple life. And so it was, and how many a story do we have of his humility and modest living. Yet, this is our King. The King of Kings. The Beloved of humans, angels and the beloved of the Creator himself!! 

They had a huge concert last night in honour of the Queen. Approximately 100,000 people attended in person. Songs were sung, hearts warmed. Today again I was wondering about songs, especially songs of love. Every artist writes atleast one song of love. Its what is wrote about, what is sung about. But pure love is something else. Imagine the ballads written in praise and love for a man who you haven’t met?! But who you are enchanted by. By his way of life, which has been preserved through not only narrations, but embodiment by generations of faithful. By his lessons and reminders and faith. Subhannallah, such ballads are born out of someone not seen, but someone loved. And from the best of these poems, is undoubtedly the Qasidah Burdah, Poem of the Cloak. I understand now on reflection, why everyone seeks love and writes about love and sings about love. There is undoubtedly the special feeling of being loved by another. And then there is the immeasurable feeling of being the lover. Being such a lover, a pure lover, that though one hasn’t seen the beloved in real life, they appear to one in their dreams! Subhannallah.

As the Queen stood on the balcony, looking content, with her family smiling gracefully, thoughts automatically turned to the Ahlul Bayt. The Royal Family is indeed the Queens Ahlul Bayt. So honoured by all the British and all those accross the world! So what then of the real Ahlul Bayt? How lofty is their status? How adored are they, MUST they be?! Subhannallah. Last year while watching Williams wedding, I was made to remember Fatima & Ali radhiAllahuAnhum - because if such a royal wedding was being witnessed, what then of the real royal wedding? Poetic flows came naturally and a couplet was written. Funny that on thinking about it,  the British Royalty always takes my thoughts back to the Real Royalty, peace be upon them, Prophet Muhammad sallalaualayhi wa salam and his family. 

And thus I respect the Queen and her family and thank them, because if nothing else, to see how great effort is made to appreciate them and how they are enthusiastically adored, they remind me of how seriously, epically, legendarily, great our REAL royalty is, how important it is to praise in great cheer and enthusiasm the beloved  Prophet and how timelessly honoured a place Habibullah & his family hold. 

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