Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadhan has come.

Tarawih nights :D and then suhoor as midnight feasts
Daytime fasting, sweet breath, goodbye shaytanic beasts ...
Personal struggles now start, restraining sarcasm for one
Charitable deeds increase, the Best of months has now come!!!!

Ramadhan Kareem!!!  

May it be a month of real reflection.

May Allah grant us all the ability to complete acts of worship and acts of khidma with outward perfection and inward realisation. And may our hearts be turning towards Him with sincere yearning and love. 

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Elders & Youth || Don't blame the badboy ||

This video is extremely relevant in emphasising my intentions when setting up the Kids Ramadhan Summer Camp and the ShadedYouth organisation alhamdulilah. Its a very very beneficial lecture, explained in a sincere and eloquent manner mashaAllah. Definitely shows great reflection about the Ummah and a praiseworthy thought process mashaAllah.

Please take the time to watch, there is great benefit - its very easy to listen to as the ustaadh speaks with great flow and I have no personal gain from this except the desire to share the good. Sharing is caring as the saying goes and thats what this blog be about :)

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