Wednesday, June 17, 2009

'Coz your soul is worth it!!

On the down and out? Running with no where to go? Need an imanRush? DhikrAllah is the cure. Its effective. Its uplifting. Its rewarding.

Tasbihs. Coz your soul is worth it!!

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Water of Repentance is the Purest Water

"Repentance cleanses the heart with the water of tears and the fire of regret which burns in the heart, and with a feeling of humility and tears in the eyes. This is the first step for those who seek a path to Allah, it is the capital of those who are successful and the key to correcting those who have gone astray.

The one who repents prays to Allah and beseeched Him, weeping. When others relax he does not, when others are still, his fear does not rest and the longing of his heart never ceases. He stands before his Lord with a grieving heart and distressed mind, bowing his head and trembling when he remembers how many sins he committed. His grief overwhelms him and tears flow.

He prepares himself to be a winner tomorrow and to shed his worldly load so that he may pass quickly over the bridge of Hell"

-Exerpt from 'You Can Be the Happiest Woman in the World' by Dr A'id Al Qarni, International Islamic Publishing House

Subhannallah, May Allah enable us to be among those who realise our wrongdoing and turn to Him with sincere hearts, Ameen. May Allah continue to guide us to Him and allow us to be with those who pass over the Final bridge with ease, Ameen. May this not merely be another reminder we are affected by for the short while we read and ponder over it, rather, May Allah enable us to actively LIVE this reminder. Ameen

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