Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forget not your blessings

Lessons from Rabe'a Al Adawiyya

Once Rabe'a saw a man with a bandage tied around his head.
"Why have you tied the bandage?" she asked.
"Because my head aches," the man replied.
"How old are you?" she demanded.
"Thirty," he replied.
"Have you been in pain and anguish the greater part of your life?" she enquired.
"No," the man answered.
"For thirty years you have enjoyed good health," she remarked, "and you never tied about you the banage of thankfulness. Now because of this one night you have a headache, you tie the bandage of complaint!"

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ramadhan Mubarak.

And with the greeting, some traditions of The Prophet (sallalhu alayhi wa salam); a reminder of 30 obligations on all believers towards their brothers and sisters:

1. Forgiving their mistakes
2. Being merciful to them when they are in a strange land
3. Guarding their secrets
4. Giving them a hand when about to fall
5. Accepting their apologies
6. Discouraging backbiting about them
7. Persisting in giving them good advice
8. Treasuring their friendship
10. Visiting them when they are ill
11. Fulfilling their trusts
12. Being with them at the time of their death
13. Accepting their invitations and their presents
14. Returning their favours in kind
15. Being grateful for their assistance
16. Protecting their honour and prosperity
17. Helping them meet their needs
18. Making an effort to solve their problems
19. Guiding them to the things they have lost
20. Answering their greetings
21. Taking them at their word
22. Accepting their bestowals
23. Confirming them if they swear by something
24. Being kind and friendly towards them
25. Helping them when they are being unjust
26. Helping them when they are the victim of injustice
27. Refraining from feeling bored with them
28. Not forsaking them in times of trouble
29. Whatever good you like, like for them
30. Whatever evil you dislike, dislike for them

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